Daniel est alsacien. Son inaptitude médicale déclarée en France l’a conduit aux USA pour qu’il puisse réaliser son rêve : devenir pilote de ligne...
Maintenant, il vol chez Delta. Il anime un blog :pilote.us

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Daniel is Alsatian. His medical incapacity declared in France has led him to the U.S. so that he could realize his dream of becoming an airline pilot ...

Now, he flies with Delta.

He runs a blog: pilote.us

I came across his blog by a random googling.

Daniel is now first officer
on MD80 with Delta.
Through his blog, we are discovering his adventure
in the country where
everything is possible:
Training, first hires,
unemployment, hiring in
a major...
With this blog, we are
learning much more about
the US realities that
what we are listening often.

Danny Bravo!

Stay in touch!

A Bientôt


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