C’est le printemps ! L’hiver a été long, long. et froid, très froid. Il est donc temps de recharger nos batteries.

Alors vive le printemps !

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It's spring! The winter was long, long. and cold, very cold. It’s time to recharge our batteries.

Vive le printemps!

It's spring. The days lengthen. temperatures rise, the birds are heard and the flowers burst colors.

Mimosa, a symbol of this rebirth is the first sign of this exciting spring as desired!

Spring is in the same time show great changes, especially in the air. Indeed, late March is the time for airlines to start their summer program. This is also the moment chosen by Air France to present his new seat fitted to the A320 fleet. Simpler, lighter, quite comfortable. The knees have more space and no more time to choose between the shelf and cup holder!

Hopefully they are aging well!

Take care

Mr Throttle.

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