Pendant que le Volcan Islandais Eyjafjallajokull continue de cracher ses poussières, il peut être l’occasion de découvrir une vraie caverne d’Ali Baba...

While the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano continues to spit his dust, it may be an opportunity to discover a real Ali Baba's cave ...

It is close to the store "Au Bon Marché". The shop is discrete. No banner, no sign. A simple little business card taped to the door means that we are at the right door.

The door opens, immediately associated with a warm "Hello sir, welcome!". We are greeted by the owner, Mr. Farman. Pierre is the Henry Farman’s little Son, The french Bill Boeing, manufacturer and airline owner.

We owe him among other famous «Goliath» allowed to launch a regular service from Paris to London immediately after WWI.

Farman Airlines were merged with other French airlines to create Air France in 1933.

Today, Pierre is highly involved in Aerospace at large. He tends to "break" aircraft rather than build new ones. But it is to give them a second life. A life of art.

Thus, the shop hosts Propellers polished pieces (the specialty of Pierre Farman) and not chrome, A320 nose wheel, compressor stage, wing parts, and, most impressive pieces made of titanium, "transformed" by a "cooking" at very high temperature for the best effect.

If you want to put a

"Flying" touch to your

loft, do

not hesitate to visit

Pierre Farman,

you may love!


Mr Throttle.

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Monsieur Pierre FARMAN

122 rue du Bac

75007 Paris, France

Métro Rue du Bac

Créé sur un Mac
à 5mn à pieds du métro station «Rue du Bac»
Un arbre d’étage haute pression poli du meilleur effet
Hélice de T6, compresseur basse pression...
train avant d’A320

Le Farman F60 Goliath embarquant ses passagers

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