Le volcan Eyjafjallajokull rejette toujours ses cendres dans le ciel, et le vent, pour le moment, a décidé de les envoyer vers l’est. Le transport aérien reprend peu à peu son activité normale...

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The volcano Eyjafjallajökull still rejects his ashes in the sky, and the wind, for the moment, has decided to send them to the east. Airlines gradually recovers there normal activities ...

My friend Kokopelli has at last returned from Iceland, shortly before Keflavik airports closed.

From his northern journey, he sent me this great shot of the volcano (see below).

But this volcano has really an unpronounceable name!

Fortunately, a TV broadcast offers a phonetic way to pronounce its name correctly (see the little video at the bottom of the page)

Hoping that the wind did not veer to the south east ...

Take care

Mr Throttle.

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Mais ce nom de volcan, comment ce prononce t-il  donc ?